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What will you find on Furukawa-cho Shopping Street?

Let us introduce you "Furukawa-cho Shopping Street" where we live.
Once it was called "East Nishiki Market",
at the end of the year, it was so crowded that people could not walk.


The current shopping street has become a calm retro street.
The picture above shows a chicken shop just after entering the street from Sanjo street.


A cute drug store. Vintage fixtures are still there.


A grocery store which puts something a little cool.


Many restaurants are also available.
Actually, restaurants and bars are increasing in number.
Each of them have their styles, so find your favorite one!


It is also good to take away side dishes.
Deluxe prepared dishes are on the shops.


At night, the street are in nice atmosphere.
Recently, Food fairs are held on the street about three times a year.
Please keep watching over our shopping street which regains lively little by little.

Furukawa-cho Shopping Street

Address: Furukawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto city

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